Oboe Cane & Reeds (OC&R) by Kristen Severson

OC&R Gouged Oboe Cane
$3.00 per piece
OC&R Shaped Oboe Cane Narrow
$3.70 per piece
hand-shaped to order
OC&R Shaped Oboe Cane Wide
$3.70 per piece
hand-shaped to order
OC&R Oboe Tube Cane
$1.30 per piece
OC&R Pre-gouged Oboe Cane
$1.90 per piece
OC&R Pro Oboe Reed
OC&R Oboe Reed Blanks
$10 per piece
OC&R Rigotti Oboe Staples
$4.75 per staple
OC&R English Horn Staples
$3.50 per staple
OC&R Oboe d'Amore Staples
$3.50 per staple
OC&R Landwell Reed Knife
OC&R Rigotti Oboe Mandrel
OC&R Rigotti English Horn Mandrel
OC&R Three-reed Plastic Case
OC&R Six-reed Wooden Case
OC&R Six-reed Plastic Case
OC&R Leather Tool Case
OC&R Six-inch Steel Ruler
OC&R Rigotti Screwdriver
OC&R Razor Blades
$12 per box of 100
OC&R Plaques
OC&R Thread
$11 per spool
OC&R Reed Wrap
OC&R Feathers
$14 per dozen
OC&R Silk Oboe Swab by Hodge Products, black
OC&R Key Oil
OC&R Cutting Block
Grenadilla wood 1-3/8” with rounded top
OC&R Beeswax
1 ounce bar
The Adjustment of the Oboe and English Horn
by David N. Greenwald
Clothbound Hardcover, 117 pages 8"x5"x5/8"
A comprehensive guide with detailed instructions
for adjusting each screw on the oboe and English horn.
This new book includes diagnostic tests, explanations
of key-work mechanisms and high-quality illustrations.
ISBN 979-8-88895-915-2